Vizio Co-Star VAP430 Wireless HD Stream Player With Google TV


The Vizio Co-Star VAP430 Wireless HD Stream Player With Google TV is going to feature:

Stream blockbuster movies and hit shows through Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, M-GO and more. Play the latest hit console video games through OnLive, or crank out your favorite tunes from iHeartRadio and Pandora


Access to the Best Entertainment: Google play lets you purchase the latest music, movies, apps, and games right from your TV screen
The Power of Google TV Search: Google TV Search pulls in results from virtually any source – live, local or streaming – making finding exactly what you want easier and quicker than ever

Touch, Point, and Tap with Ease: The Co-Star universal smart remote looks and feels just as outstanding as it functions, packing a touchpad and full keyboard for easy and intuitive navigation


Fast Connections Without Wires: With integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi, Co-Star connects easily to your home’s wireless network for superior streaming quality and Web access without the unsightly wires


The Vizio Co-Star VAP430 Wireless HD Stream Player With Google TV will feature Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, two HDMI ports and DLNA support (whiich are lacking from most of its competition), and will stream up to 1080p content. It should support at least MPEG4, WMV and MP3 formats with more likely to be announced later. The player will also be released bundled with Google TV and reportedly support streaming 3D content and streaming games from OnLive as well as the normal streaming content providers including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Slacker Radio, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO GO.

With its heavy GoogleTV integration—including reskinned system interface—and all-in-one QWERTY remote that can control a set-top box plugged into the spare HDMI port, the Stream Player aims to make flipping from live TV to streaming entertainment as easy as flipping from channel to channel.



It has been a very big couple of days for OnLive, however that is not yet finished. Vizio has announced a fairly small stream player which will give access to a wide variety of streaming media providers. By connecting the set-top box to the HDMI input on a Television, the device will be able to access GoogleTV which will mean access to OnLive. Also note that the VAP430 features Wi-Fi and a direct way to display media from mobiles using DLNA. A Bluetooth universal remote with an integrated touchpad is also included, and it has a QWERTY keyboard on the back, similar to the one supplied with the smart TVs from Vizio.


The ports that this “black box” will feature are pretty standard: ethernet, HDMI in and out, USB and a plug for the IR blaster. This will enable you to configure your set up as you fancy. The best part yet though, is the price of the VAP 430. It will be a modest $99, which should create a good alternative to the OnLive MicroConsole. However, the VAP430 will provide a lot more functionality than the MicroConsole. It will be able to utilize any of GoogleTV’s applications, including Netflix, Pandora, and lots more. With all of this said, note that you will still need a OnLive controller to fully use the OnLive services with this device.

This Android Media Player TV box enables you to enjoy digital movies, music, photos, e-books and surfing the Internet directly on TV.It supports wired RJ45 Network and supports a built-in 3.5″/2.5″ hard disk, connect USB external hard disk etc. A good companion for you both on work and in entertainment.

1080p HD Android 2.2 Multi Media Player TV Box WiFi Youtube LeTV ITV HDMI SD/MMC

WiFi Android TV Box Features:
Android 2.2 operation system with perfect performance.
With a wired RJ45 network port, more expediently to surf the Internet.
Easy file sharing within the LAN.
Full HD 1920*1080p output, equipped with HDMI, coaxial, AV video interfaces.
Support to set a built-in 3.5″/2.5″ hard disk (up to 2TB) & USB external hard disk.
Support online VOD: Youtube, Itv, LeTV, Tudou, Youku, PPlive, Voole etc. Continue reading »

WiFi HD Android TV Box is using Amlogic Cortex A9 1GHz CPU with Android 2.3 operating system, built-in WiFi and Ethernet connection, supporting wire and wireless networking access. Besides, it supports Google Chrome Web browser, USB external portable hard disk drive, wireless keyboard, USB mouse, etc. It provides you the capability of all-in-one entertainment box for your big TV screen.

WiFi HD Android TV Box Features:
Android 2.3 operation system with higher performance.
ARM Cortex A9, 1GHz CPU.
Built-in WiFi: 802.11b/g/n.
Support Ethernet cable for Internet.
Support SD card up to 32GB.
Easy one-click firmware upgrade from SD card.
Support network 1080P HDMI videos.
Support YPbPr output.
Easy file sharing within the LAN.
It is a perfect combination of HD media player, computer, digital photo frame, game console, and Internet set-top-box.
Support Social Network, you can share information with friends on Facebook, Flicker, Twitter, or uploading files onto YouTube.
It allows you to watch movies, listen to music, view picture albums, play games, read news, chat with friends easily. Continue reading »

About Flexiview FV-1 Troubleshooting

A TV without signal:
Make sure the HDMI cable is connected securely.
Make sure TV is selected on the HDMI port.
B the host can not be switched:
Make sure the power adapter is connected into the supply side completely, and whether the power supply voltage terminal.
C can not be connected to Internet
Make sure the Ethernet cable isl connected, while maintaining Ethernet networks open.
Make sure you have connected to WIFI network, whether the network has been successfully encrypted password.
Make sure the network select the correct IP.
D Remote control has no response
Make sure the remote control with battery and battery to the normal power supply.
Make sure that the remote sensing area and the host signal is not blocked by any object.
Please keep the distance not more than 5 meters between the remote control and host.
E can not enter the main interface
Not select the correct source and check if switch to the appropriate link.
When HDMI cable linked, select [HDMI] for the TV signal source, then set the HDMI output on demand machine select and select HDMI button on the
remote control.
F Playback is not smooth?
Please contact the network service providerl access network information.

About Flexiview FV-1 Firmware upgrade

Continue reading »

FLEXIVIEW FV-1 allows your HDMI TV to function as:

  • Internet TV
  • Internet Browser/Netop
  • On-line Shopping and Banking portal
  • 1080p Multi Media player (Down load or off memory)
  • Works with Bluetooth keyboard, USB wired keyboard/mouse,  RF 2.4GHz wireless keyboard/mouse
  • Built-in Wifi Adaper
  • Social network portal(Face Book ,Twitter, MSN etc)
  • Games Console
  • Download Applications
  • View and share photos
  • SKYPE/MSN friends and family
  • Send and Receive emails

Internet freedom on your HDTV
FLEXIVIEW FV-1 Box is one of the world’s first media devices capable of browsing the Internet directly from a TV without the need for a computer. With its highly intuitive user interface, you can personalize and create a bespoke home screen categorizing all your media on one screen.

Plays your digital stuff
The device can be used to play and view practically all common video, music, and photo formats from home media collections and the Internet in up to full 1080p High Definition.

See what your friends are watching
Core social features of the I-TV Box make it easy for friends to discover new content from each other through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more. Users can share anything they’re watching or listening to with their friends on I-TV BOX and other social networks with just a few clicks on the remote.

FLEXIVIEW FV-1 brings smart TV to the Digital Home
For people looking to get more entertainment into their living room, the FLEXIVIEW FV-1 Box quickly turns any HDTV into a Smart TV with near limitless content courtesy of the Internet. Built-in security options like login access and parental controls ensure the FLEXIVIEW FV-1 Box and its content remains secure.


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