This 3D Full HD Network Media Player uses the latest Realtek media chipset-Realtek 1186DD-3D Chipset. The ‘1186DD-3D’ chipset is an upgrade to the successful “1185DD” as used in many Full HD Media Players in our store. The Realtek 1186 offers a clock speed increase of 750Mhz vs 500Mhz, HDMI 1.4, the ability to display 1080p frame-packed 3D, and Android dual-boot.

Android 3D HD Media Player Top 10 Features
1. Faster Realtek RTD 1186DD 3D Chipset
2. 3D/2D Video Playback
3. Linux and Android Dual OS
4. HDMI 1.4
5. Internal HDD Cooling Fan
6. Streaming video from PC/NAS/DLNA
7. Blu-ray Original Menu Display (for BD-1.0)
8. Integrated Web Browser
9. Number button on the remote to jump to specified point.
For example, press number 68 on the remote, the video will jump to 68% of the video
10.Powerful Firmware

3 Video Output Mode
1. Playback 2D Full HD movies to 2D/3D TV(only get 2D image)
2. Playback 3D Full HD movies to 3D TV
3. Convert 2D movie to 3D mode and output to 3D TV

HDMI 1.4
The latest HDMI 1.4a interface is used, providing the necessary bandwidth for the delivery of 1080p frame-packed 3D video.

3D. Including Exclusive Frame-Packed Blu-Ray 3D
The 3D Full HD Network Media Player supports Side-by-Side (SBS) 3D, Top and Bottom 3D, and Frame-Packed (real image size 1920×2160) 3D. The Frame-Packing is particularly important as it is used for Blu-Ray 3D video. This player can play Blu-Ray ISOs in full 3D exactly as you would get from a Blu-Ray player (BD-Profile 1.0 menus / BD-Lite only). Note that all equipment must be HDMI 1.4 for frame-packed 3D.

Android Dual Boot
As well as being the most complete Media Player available anywhere, this 3D Full HD Network Media Player is equipped to dual boot into the Android operating system. This feature opens up a whole world of new uses via Android Apps.
Note: some Android applications may be not compatible with this player. The Realtek 1186DD chip is based on MIPS, some Android applications works with Arm Contex A9 chip

Extensive Firmware Development
Our technician will continue to develop the firmware all the time and add new featuers in futue firmware upgrading.

Massive Connectivity 
Two USB ports are mounted on the back, the third one is on the left side. Built-in 4-in-1 memory card reader. At the back you have an HDMI 1.4a socket, USB 3.0 slave port, composite video out, component video out, Gigabit LAN port, and both TOSLINK and coaxial S/PDIF digital audio out. Whatever your setup, this 3D Full HD Network Media Player will connect to it.

Gigabit LAN
This 3D Full HD Network Media Player supports 10/100/1000 Gigabit networking. In practical terms this means that you can transfer large file between your network and the player at lightening speeds. This 3D Full HD Network Media Player is capable of streaming all video files over the network and sustained transfer rates of at least 14 MB/s.

DLNA Digital Media Streamer
Just take beautiful photos or shoot mini-movies with your iPhone/Andriod and share them on your HDTV in time through this player wirelessly. Even you can stop or pause movies with your phone to control the movies on your HDTV.
*You need install applications on your iPhone or Android cellphone/Tablet to stream videos to your TV

New Media Library Function
Tired of navigating layers of folders to find your videos or songs? This HD player builds a complete library of media files on all attached drives and displays them in an easy to search format. Turn it on and start watching/listening in seconds, all your videos and music are just a quick click or search away! Movies will be showed on a “Video Wall”, you can browse them by movie cover or preview

Top Quality Hardware
This 3D Full HD Network Media Player uses brushed Aluminum shell. The player looks fantastic and is constructed to a very high standard. The front panel is polished with a LED display. The player body is brushed aluminum and the internal HDD is accessed by an sliding drawer rack.

USB 3.0 Connection
The player is equipped with the next major revision of the Universal Serial Bus which delivers Higher transfer rates (up to 5Gbps). Increased maximum bus power and Full-duplex data transfers and support for new transfer types.

Comprehensive Networking Support
Samba is fully supported both as a client (so you can access Windows networks) and as a host (so you can use the player as a NAS). Performance is much improved on the previous generation and, combined with the lower power usage of the 1186 chipset and the Gigabit LAN, make this 3D Full HD Network Media Player a very viable option as a NAS. NFS networking is also supported. This Full HD Network Media Player will connect easily to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device by DLNA to allow streaming of your media to your HDTV. UPnP support allows you to stream content easily from popular PC / MAC applications like Windows Media Player + Hulu.

7.1 Channel HD Audio and Lossless FLAC
This 3D Full HD Network Media Player offers total support for all HD-Audio standards. It can downmix or passthrough DTS, DTS-HD MA, True-HD, AC3/Dolby Digital as either RAW or LPCM, and with 7.1 audio selectively down mixed to 5.1 or left alone. Virtually every digital audio format is supported including very high end audio such as 24bit 192Khz FLAC.

BitTorrent Download
Use the built-in BitTorrent client to download files from P2P networks without PC running.

Search Function Supported
You can search files on your hard drive with this player, just like search on your computer

More viewing options
We designed 3 different viewing option, depending on how you want to organize your movies collection.

Mouse and Keyboard
This 3D Full HD Network Media Player supports nearly all USB mice and keyboards as well as most RF 2.4GHz wireless mice and keyboards

DVD and Blu-Ray ISO
DVD ISO files (DVD backups) will play exactly the same as the original disc with full menus. Blu-Ray ISO images will play as the original disc for Blu-Ray profile 1.0 discs (those without BD-Live) or will play with a custom internal menu (BD Lite) for all the rest. The custom menu gives full access to all subtitle / language / chapter options.

External USB DVD and Blu-Ray Drive
This 3D Full HD Network Media Player supports an attached USB DVD or Blu-Ray drive (Not work with original discs). DVD discs or ISOs will play with full original menus as if you were using a DVD player
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