Android 2.2 TV Google HD Internet TV Box S5PV210 with Flash Player

The Android Internet TV Box has built-in HDMI port for you to connect with 1080P High Definition Television or HDTV, projector and computer monitor where you can watch any TV channels you’d like to enjoy, HD Video or Movies, music, playing online games, browsing the internet, online shopping, internet banking, sending and receiving emails, social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Skype or MSN. It is a new generation entertainment style for sharing, enjoying and relaxing with your whole family.

The TV revolutionized. The striking black box allows users to watch available movies and TV programmes from the Internet, stream videos from nearly any website, exchange recommendations with friends using social media sites like Facebook, organize and enjoy personal music, photos and videos, and browse the Internet, all from a simple to use remote. The I-TV Box by THINPAX gives consumers a new, exciting and easy-to-use way to experience free or paid for content on the Internet, changing the way they interact with it forever.
Main chip adopting the CORTEX A8 core SamSung S5PV210,and CPU frequency up to 1GHz, Memory 512MB, internal 2G memory space for TV and Internet integration, will power the I-TV Box. The powerful Android 2.2 OS allows I-TV Box’s open software platform to deliver up to full 1080p HD over a wired or Wireless network.

I-TV BOX brings smart TV to the Digital Home
For people looking to get more entertainment into their living room, the I-TV Box quickly turns any HDTV into a Smart TV with near limitless content courtesy of the Internet. Users will also receive dynamic firmware updates, meaning that software and service upgrades are ‘pushed’ directly to your device, so there is no need to perform awkward manual upgrades and you always have the latest service. Built-in security options like login access and parental controls ensure the I-TV Box and its content remains secure.

Plays your digital stuff
The device can be used to play and view practically all common video, music, and photo formats from home media collections and the Internet in up to full 1080p High Definition.

See what your friends are watching
Core social features of the I-TV Box make it easy for friends to discover new content from each other through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more. Users can share anything they’re watching or listening to with their friends on I-TV BOX and other social networks with just a few clicks on the remote.

Internet freedom on your HDTV
The I-TV Box is one of the world’s first media devices capable of browsing the Internet directly from a TV without the need for a computer. With its highly intuitive user interface, you can personalize and create a bespoke home screen categorizing all your media on one screen.

Android 2.2 TV Google HD Internet TV Box Specification:
● CPU frequency up to 1GHz, Memory 512MB, internal 2G memory space.
● Main chip adopting the CORTEX A8 core SamSung S5PV210.
● Built in WIFI module, wireless connection.
● Android 2.2 OS.
● RJ45 port can using the Lan network connect.
● HDMI video output, connect high definition television through port to play the high definition television.
● Support 1080P video playing.
● USB port, can connect with the big memory mobile HDD.
● Support wireless Bluetooth keyboard operating.
● Support Weather, calendar or desktop clock tool.
● Support Bluetooth data transmit.
● Support flash player 10.1, and online playing video.
● Support 2.4G wireless remote operating.
● Support SD card expansion.
● Support music playing, photo browsing, enjoy more family entertainment.

Android 2.2 TV Google HD Internet TV Box Installation:
● Turn on your Android TV and your HDTV.
● Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your Android TV, the other end to your HDTV.
● Use your HDTV’s remote control to setup the inputs of your HDTV. Follow these steps: Menu->Inputs-> HDMI2 (if you connect your Android TV to your HDTV’s HDMI 2 port)->Finish the setting, then the picture from your Android TV appears on your HDTV.
● Connect Network: Its internet connection can be done via Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cab
● Refer to the following instruction for connecting your Android TV to HDTV. Note that different HDTVs may have different settings.
● Some HDTVs cannot display the entire picture, so you need to setup the screen ratio of your HDTV as automatic. Follow these steps: Menu->Screen->Press arrowbuttons to select the ratio type-> Choose automatically display the entire screen.

Google Android TV Box Packages including:
● 1 X Android 2.2 TV Internet BOX
● 1 X Remote Conrol
● 1 X HDMI Cable
● 1 X Power adapter

ANDROID 2.2 FULL HD 1080P MEDIA PLAYER BOX – watch your TV come alive with the power of Android! Combining TV, the internet, and Android apps, this new full HD media player is not to be missed!

Internet media streaming made easy
The Android 2.2 Media Player Box easily connects to any home or office network by Ethernet cable. This allows you to access on the web. Type in what you want to watch and it will find it for you. Watch your favorite web videos, view photos, access streaming music or videos, play YouTube videos and do everything else you’re accustomed to doing online. Plus, the world’s best websites are now being perfected for televisions.

It’s Android on your television
Your favorite smart phone and tablet PC operating system is now available for your television and it comes with the full power of Android 2.2. Chatting through the Twitter app? Sure! Sharing pictures through Picasa? Of course! Checking weather through WeatherBug? Not a problem! Experience the Android operating system in a newer, bigger way!

Share with your family
Picture this: relaxing together as a family in the comfort of your living room with this Android Media Player Box connected to your 50 inch flat screen. One second you’re enjoying a streaming online movie together, the next you’re browsing the internet, and the next you’re listening to streaming music. How wonderful! Finally, the internet can become a family activity!

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Over the years when Nokia started losing market share to Android and iPhone, th argument has always been “but Nokia is still the largest smartphone manufacturer” or that “it still dominates the poor countries”. Nokia have already lost their crown in smartphones last quarter to Apple and Samsung, and they’ve lost the smartphone OS crown with Symbian by the end of last year, when Android first surpassed Symbian. And they are quickly losing their market share in countries where they’ve been huge market leaders, like India.

Since Android clearly dominates smartphones now with about one out of every 2 smartphones being old around the world being an Android smartphone, and since all feature phones are being replaced by smartphones, it’s pretty clear where all this is going for Symbian and Nokia. As smartphones are getting cheaper and cheaper, most people will end up buying an Android smartphone from a company different than Nokia, and instead of Nokia’s less capable feature phones. It’s only a matter of time before Android replaces Symbian at every level.

Geniatech Enjoy TV Nano ATV300 is a Mini size Android TV box with hardware 1080P encoding, the mini smart TV box with easy UI is designed for Internet TV and IPTV STB solutions.

ATV300 Smart IPTV Box Feature List:
• Build in Android 2.2, tweaked for display on big TV screen.
• IP-STB TV solution, supoort customize user’s interface.
• Hardware 1080P Decoding, supports most of video/audio formats.
• HDMI output, supports high definition up to full HD 1080P
• Internet TV streaming, online video on demand, unlimited multi-media contents.
• Import applications’ apk from SD card & USB flash.
• File share via LAN to PC. supports external USB wireless network receiver.

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When speaking with company representatives at its booth, they asserted that their goal was to shrink the white box down to the size of the black unit sitting beside it, or something barely larger than a deck of cards. If all goes to plan, they should be shipping worldwide by the end of this year, but they stated that it would be awhile before Froyo (Android 2.2) was supported given the intrinsic need for more potent hardware. Speaking of which, they’ve yet to actually nail down a final processor, and they’re still debating whether they’ll have WiFi as an option. In the end, consumers should expect “between one and three” variants (including one with an integrated TV tuner, possibly), and a retail starting price of around “$120 to $130.” So, found that patience you were looking for yet? Per usual, a video demonstration awaits you after the break.

No patience left to wait for Google TV? Tough luck, bubs — ’cause Bonux’s Android set-top box ain’t shipping till the year’s end, either. Tucked away in a small corner of Computex was the gem you see above: an Android 2.1-based set-top box designed to bring… well, Android to your television. The white mockup box was strictly in place to demonstrate the software, and the inability to find a live internet connection on the floor crushed their desires to demonstrate connected extras. Essentially, this STB would scale a mobile OS up to TV size, which isn’t exactly the most elegant of solutions. That said, it does “work,” and the idea of using Android to pull in local media and web content may tempt those who aren’t willing to deal with the expense and complications of snagging a full-blown HTPC. We were told that the box could play back nearly every major file format known to man, and the HDMI output ensures broad compatibility with practically every HDTV ever sold.

ANDROID TV SET-TOPBOX allows your HDMI TV to function as:
1. Internet TV
2. Internet Browser
3. On-line Shopping and Banking portal
4. Multi Media player (Down load or off memory)
5. Social network portal(Face Book ,Twitter, etc)
6. Download Games
7. Download Applications\
8. View and share photos
9. SKYPE/MSN friends and family
10. Send and Receive emails
WITH ANDROID TV SET-TOP BOX your TV now becomes an affordable interactive Home
PC that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Key specifications:
1.1GHZ Samsung Cortex A8 sp5210 CPU
2. DDRⅡ512MB RAM, 4GB Flash
3.Android 2.2 operating system
4.Wi-Fi, Ethernet
5.Full HD 1080P hardware video decoder
6.HDMI interface
7.Support wireless Bluetooth keyboard
8. Bluetooth File Transfer
9.Wireless motion sensor remote control
10.SD card slot, up to 32 GB
11.USB interface, support high capacity mobile hard disk
12.Built-in Adobe flash player 10.1
13.Full internet browser
14.Email,Instant messenger
15.Weather, calendar and clock widget on desktop
16.Online video, music and games

Yay, my ‘generic’ Android TV Box arrived earlier today… exactly 2 weeks after I purchased it from a Chinese Website, nice. thanks to the strong Aussie dollar it’s already cheaper than when I bought mine :)

Limited time to ‘play’ but here’s what I’ve discovered so far:
– Packaging, inclusions & build quality more than adequate but typical for a cheapie Chinese product.
– Easy Connections to Power, HDMI to TV & Ethernet
– Boots up to main screen within a few seconds & looks great on a 52″ Full-HD LCD
– Easy to configure Ethernet, WiFi & Bluetooth
– ‘Air Mouse’ Remote Control easy to use (similar to Wii remote)
– Pages & Menus easy to navigate (exactly the same as an Android Mobile, duh)
– Photos & Movies Played no problem from a 2.5″ 1TB External USB HDD
– Web Browsing is easy, smooth & fast
– Photos, Movies & Music easily streamed off the internet & looked/sounded great
– Angry Birds & Fruit Ninja are great fun on a BIG screen :)
– Android Market works OK and most apps are searchable & downloadable
– Multitasked without hesitation
– USB Keyboard & Mouse connected & work perfectly

… and the ‘issues’ so far:
– Had problems connecting Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
– Couldn’t see the MP3 files on the external USB drive (resolved)
– Had problems finding the USB Memory Stick thingy I connected (resolved)
– Couldn’t find or download Google Maps in Android Market

Again, I had limited time to play with this so I’m guessing all but the last ‘issue’ listed above will be fixable once I play around a bit more. I think I confused the poor thing by connecting the USB Memory Stick thingy to one of the front USB ports while the 1Tb USB drive was already connected to the rear port becasue I had to do a full reboot after that but ran out of time to re-test the ‘stick’. I can’t see it not working but time will tell.

The Google Maps problem is an interesting one though. Although most things seem to work OK it still feels like the OS has been ‘imaged’ off another device (ie. an Android phone) instead of being setup from scratch. I’m no developer so I really don’t know what I’m talking about but I’d say there may be some restrictions with this box because of this and the fact that I cant find Google Maps may be one of these problems. Who knows, it may just be because this box doesn’t include a GPS module too, I really don’t know for sure. Maybe someone else knows?!

Anyhoo, for $159.99 and free shipping , it’s an awesome little device so far and I look forward to experimenting with it further. If anyone wants me to test anything then please ask away and I’ll see what I can do.

Here’s a link to the exact same item:

The jPAD Series brings jAnd700, an elegant and slim MID device having a 7″ TFT LCD, Touch Screen and Android V 2.1 Operating System.

The slim and compact product is designed with maximum LCD front coverage with no buttons on front to make internet surfing and applications an ultimate experience with full convinience and comfort.

Cool Android TV Box JAnd700 Hardware Specifications
Operating System: Android V 2.1
Processor: ARM 667 MHz
Resolution: 800 X 480
LCD: TFT Color Digital, Touch Screen
Connectivity: Builtin WiFi 802.11b/g
Optional: GPS/3G/BlueTooth/GPRS
USB Ports: Host: 1 Device: 1
Storage: SD Card 4 GB
OS Storage: 256 MB
Audio: Built in Speaker & Audio Out
Video: High Speed Hardware Decoder
Dimensions: 18.2cmx11.7cmx1.45cm
Application: Android applications
Weight: 250 g (Including Battery)
Battery: Li-ion 3.7V (1500mA)

Main Features
Android V 2.1 Operating System
7″ Color TFT LCD with Touch Screen
Mutipurpose Tablet /MID/eReader
Slim, Compact and Light Weight
Full multimedia experience
Fast internet surfing
Builtin WiFi
GPS/3G/BlueTooth/GPRS optinal
Innovative design and Executive look
A handy tool for personal entertainment
Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Packing Box:
23.5 x 18.7 x 8.5 cm

45.5 x 40.0 x 26.4 cm

Packing Weight: 950 g.
(Inc. Accessories)

Carton Weight: 10.7 kg
(10 pcs/carton)

Cool Android TV Box JAnd700 Accessories
– User Manual
– USB Cable
– Ear-phone
– CD (With ActiveSync, Sample Files and PC Driver)
– Charger
– One Battery
– 4 GB Micro SD Card

Google TV is a product of Google has created to lets you surf the Internet from your television using the Chrome web browser, as well as watch streaming Netflix, listen to Napster and Pandora and watch videos. Google also has plans to support Android applications on it. Google TV is no longer in Beta — it’s available to the general public. There are a few options available for utilizing Google TV.
Stand-Alone TV
Choose one of the manufacturer’s and models making HDTVs that support Google TV. As of the date of publication, Sony makes them; Vizio planned to begin shipping theirs in August 2011.

Connect your TV to the Internet with a Cat5 cable in the Ethernet port on the rear panel of the TV . Connect any other HDMI devices, your DVD player and your cable or satellite provider boxes to the coaxial cable jack.

Power on the TV with the power button and use the “Up” and “Down ” arrow buttons on the remote to highlight which language you want. Use the “Right arrow” button to continue to the next screen. Highlight “Home” and press the “Right arrow” button. Follow this process again to choose your country and enter your ZIP code, then select “Continue” to scan for available channels. Select “Network Setup” to connect your Google TV to your home network. Select “Wired Network” and “Auto” to connect your TV directly to the router.

Google TV-Enabled Blu-ray Player
Plug your Internet TV box into your HDTV using an HDMI cable. Plug your cable or satellite TV into your Internet TV box via one of the input jacks. The Logitech supports only cable and satellite boxes with HDMI connections. Sony’s Blu-ray player also supports a coaxial input connection. Run a Cat5 cable from your router to the Internet TV box and plug it into the Ethernet port.

Power on your TV and your Internet TV box. Set your TV to the HDMI input port to which you connected the Internet TV box. How you set your TV inputs may differ depending on which manufacturer and model TV you are using.

Tune your TV to television channels with your cable or satellite remote, just as you would normally. Use the Internet TV box remote to surf the Internet or watch Google TV or use applications. If you are using the Sony Blu-ray player to watch DVDs or Blu-ray discs, use the Internet TV box remote to control those as well..

If you want buy a TV Box Player,recommend this Flexiview FV-1 Google Android 2.2 HD Internet Wifi TV Box 1080p Player;
This IPTV is an all in one Google Android 2.2 TV box, it is your 1080p HD player, Netbook, Photo viewer, Music Player, Game Console, the perfect home entertainment system. You can connect to your RJ45 LAN and wifi network, works with USB external Hard Drives, it also supports mouse and wireless remote controls.

OS: Android 2.2
Chip: CORTEX A8 core Samsung S5PV210
Frequency: 1GHz
Memory: DDR2-512MB
Storage: Built-in INAND 2GB
Storage slot: SD card (up to 32GB) / HHD
UI: Android 2.2 system interface
Features: Bluetooth 2.0 / WiFi (802.11b/g) / HDMI
Function: Browser / flash player 10.1 / video player / online video / online music / Android market etc
Analog television: Support
Resolution: Supports up to 1080P
Image format: JPG / GIF / BMP etc
Audio format: MP3 / WMA
Interface: 3 x USB host + SD + Rj45 + HDMI
Remote control: Supports 2.4G wireless remote controller / wired/wireless mouse and keyboard
Frequency:1.0 GHZ

this striking black box allows users to watch available movies and TV programmes from the inernet,stream videos from nearly any website,exchange recommendations with friends using social media sites like Facebook,Youtobe,Twitter,organize and enjoy personal music,photos and videos,and browse the internet,all from a simple to use remote.

DIY it with your hobby,the coolest thing about it is that we don’t even know what the coolest thing about it will be !!!

Check the item details :

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